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joins Kersia!

The integration of Bioarmor into Kersia, a pure player in food safety from farm to fork, offers a winning complementarity for breeders.
Promoting animal well-being, the combined group offers solutions to meet all the needs of players in the sector with a complete range of multi-species solutions, in the segment of food supplements for animals, hygiene and of the farming environment.

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and support

As a human-scale independent company we are building our policy on one ethos and strong values to offer our customers dynamism, listening and ability to react. We hope to support the farmers in their skill and create with them clear and long-lasting relations of partnership.

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and Protect

Thanks to our long experience in animal biotechnologies, we think that it is possible to combine the economic performances of livestock farms with the respect for environment. We are developing natural and effective products offering the farmers an optimum return on investment.

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and control

Thanks to our two specialised factories (powder and liquid) and to a quality system referring to ISO 9001 and GMP specifications, we master the quality of our products at each stage of the manufacturing, in order to provide the farmers with safe and guaranteed products.


Located in Brittany, BioArmor is an independent small-sized company specialised in natural products for the nutrition, the hygiene and the environment of the farm.

Thanks to two specialised powder and liquid factories, BioArmor designs, manufactures and sell natural products for pigs, poultry and cattle farms. Our ranges are consisting of animal nutrition products (diet feeds made with probiotics, plants extracts, essential oils, antioxidants...), environment products (treatment of slurries and odours, litter conditioners) and hygiene products (cleaning of buildings and equipments, water hygiene, air cleansing and fight against insects). We are present in France and abroad (Europe, Middle-East, Asia, Africa, America).


"As a Breton independent SME, BioArmor has been present for a long time in the world of farming. We
plead for a rearing combining performances and respect for environment and human-beings."
"We design natural products for the nutrition, the environment and the hygiene of pigs, poultry and cattle
farms. We lean on one innovative R&D department, on two liquid and powder specialised factories, and
on one dedicated quality department."
"We grant flexibility and reactivity to foreign customers: offer of various packages, CIP/DDP prices to make
it easier for our customers."
"We have been exporting towards more than twenty countries in Europe, Middle-East, Asia, Africa,
America. This ranks an important share of our activity, with around 25% of our turnover."
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Cocoon Flore


Category (Nutrition, Environment or Hygiene) : Environment
Type : 
  • Ca
  • Po
  • Pi
  • Org
Description de la fiche résumé (extrait) : Conditioner for litters, slatted floors and concrete floors
Conditioner for litters, slatted floors and concrete floors Advantages: - High power of absorption, to...
Biobron 5 L - Copie


Category (Nutrition, Environment or Hygiene) : Nutrition
Type : 
  • Ca
  • Po
  • Pi
Description de la fiche résumé (extrait) : Help animals in case of respiratory stress
    Liquid complementary feed Help animals in case of respiratory stress Advantages : - Helps your...


Category (Nutrition, Environment or Hygiene) : Nutrition
Type : 
  • Ca
  • Po
  • Pi
Résistance des animaux Renforcement des défenses naturelles, notamment en période froide et...