SOLUSAFE - 25 kg
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Category (Nutrition, Environment or Hygiene) : Environment
Composition : 

Bacterial and enzymatic complex, Vegetal fibers, Drying complex made of clays, Moisture binder, Calcium carbonate, Aromatic plants extracts

Presentation : 

Bags of 25 Kg

Type : 
  • Ca
  • Po
  • Pi
Description de la fiche résumé (extrait) : Conditioner product fortified with a bacterial and enzymatic complex



Solusafe is intended for spreading on the litters, cubicles and concretes floors (all species).

It combines a high power of absorption and drying capacity together with a bacterial and enzymatic complex for:

  • an efficient drying
  • a sanitation of animal laying area thanks to development of beneficial microorganisms
  • a better quality and persistency of litters resulting in a substantial saving of straw
  • the wellbeing of animals by reducing excesses of litters humidity and/or emanation of gas irritating respiratory tracts.

Direction of use:



Pigs on straw

Pigs on slatted floor

150-300 g/sow

0.75-1.5kg for 30 piglets

50-100 g/m²

1-2kg for 15 pigs


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Type : 
  • Ca
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Description de la fiche résumé (extrait) : Conditioner for litters, slatted floors and concrete floors
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