A controlled and acknowledged quality

Sandrine Bourdeau

Sandrine Bourdeau

Thanks to our two specialised workshops (powder and liquid), we master the quality of our products at each stage of the manufacturing, in order to provide the farmers with safe and guaranteed products. Our quality system is referring to two different specifications:

ISO 9001


ISO 9001 v2008 award: this international norm aims to implement in the whole company an efficient organisation in order to assure the production of products complying to customers and regulatory requirements,




GMP award (Good Manufacturing Practices) is a regulation specific to the actors of animal feeding, guaranteeing hygiene, traceability and security to feed products; it mainly consists of the HACCP validation system.


We have also been granted with a company approval for the manufacturing of nutritional products, issued and controlled by the services of the French Administration (DDPP), who regularly check our manufacturing system, the quality of our products and the caring for the rules.
Eventually, we have got one Organic certificate for one specific range of products aimed at organic farms, approved by an independent organism.