BioArmor : a R&D department
for the design of innovative products


Equipe Recherche et Développement

Emmanuel Duteil and Sandrine Le Ray

We want to bring farmers innovative solutions, anticipate their needings to always meet their expectations. For this purpose, we rely on our own research and development
department and also on one network of partners well-versed in specific biotechnology fields (essential oils, probiotics, enzymes, perfumes...). We also cooperate with technical centres, universities and agricultural colleges.

We conceive our products not only according to the troubles that farmers are facing nowadays, but also by anticipating the ones they could face in the future. Thus we have been pioneer not only in the field of nutrition with the advice of probiotics in livestock farms 30 years ago, but also in that of environment, with the issue of reduction of bad smells due to farms and slurries. Today we are still developing natural and innovating solutions, and are offering real alternatives to the products that are usually used in livestock farms.

Beyond the choice of relevant ingredients, our R&D department has acquired a real
dosage form know-how, which allows us to propose not only powder or liquid formula,
but also gels, pastes or emulsions, according to the conditions of use in farms.


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