Two specialised factories : Powder and Liquid




Our site of manufacturing, in Plaintel, consists of two specialised workshops (liquid and powder) which allow to manufacture 95% of the marketed products.
We offer various presentations and packagings, ranking from 100 g sachets to 1 ton big-bag for powders, and from the 15 ml syringe to the 1,000 litre container for liquids.
We also propose subcontracting for specific products to companies which would like to get products manufactured with a perfect confidentiality.

For foreign customers, we can study all packagings, even those which are not presented on our products range, so far as one minimum quantity is ordered.
As far as carriage is concerned, we have got an integrated service of delivery in Brittany. Outside Brittany, we rely on specialised partners.

Abroad, we are delivering customers either by road (Europe) or by seafreight/airfreight (other continents) according to the size of the orders and also the size of packagings.


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