Combine the performances of farms together
with the respect for human-beings and environment

As a human-sized company, we build our project on an ethics and strong values - team spirit, respect, personal commitment - to offer our customers dynamism, listening and reactivity. We wish to support farmers while their skill is changing, and maintain clear and long-lasting relationships with our customers.

We also plead for a rearing which allies performances, long-lasting and respect for human-beings and environment.

Laurent Rio

At the level of our company we are also looking for the balance between economy, social and environment. Mr Laurent RIO, President of BioArmor, testifies:

"At the social level, we implement a participative policy, aiming to develop autonomy, responsibility and personal flowering. The takeover of BioArmor in 2000 was achieved on this main principle. Since this date, employees have owned shares of the company (nowadays 12 employees are owning 23% of the shares), and thus participate to strategic decisions; moreover, since 2010, all the employees have been benefiting from profit-sharing: one way to collectively reward the efforts of each one!

The protection of environment has also been part of our philosophy since the beginning. Thus we have always focused on a natural approach of the products by using ingredients such as essential oils, plants extracts, probiotics, enzymes. At the level of the company, we have also rethought about the handling of our consumables, our wastes, our water and energy consumption...

Eventually, the sustainable development surely cares about the economic point of view: as far as economy is concerned, our objective is to assure our long-lasting thanks to controlled commercial development and results which strengthen our financial structure year after year".