Sac Solusafe 25 kg

A positive biofilm for a long-term healthy environment

Even a building properly cleaned and disinfected between 2 batches of livestock can have lingering bacteria which may later cause sanitary troubles leading to losses. Our strategy at BIOARMOR is to use the sanitary break to settle a positive biofilm before the recolonization of the environment by undesirable bacteria and thus prevent their proliferation. Solusafe is a bedding powder used for implementing protective biofilm which favours healthy microbial environment creating better farming conditions. This product, on top of high absorption power, contains enzymes degrading organic matter in sugars and live bacteria fed with these sugars. Complementarity of bacteria strains allows both quick colonization in the environment and long persistence. Consequently, Solusafe reduces the risk of disease outbreak caused by pathogens surrounding animals.
It is easily applied like a normal conditioner, allowing to influence environment of animals while there are in the buildings. Dosage rates depend on animal type so please consult us for more information A specific product has been developed with the same technology for newborn piglets: Cocoon Flore.